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MS GIF Animator

MS GIF Animator 1.0

A Small And Free GIF Animator

The MS Gif Animator is great because it makes the creation of GIFs a very easy process. You place your video into the tool and it turns it into a GIF for you. The tool is very easy to install because it works as a stand-alone application.

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  • NARbluebird

    by NARbluebird

    Honestly, this website says this is in English. And because of that, I downloaded it since it was from Microsoft. Got disappointed when I found out I could not switch to English.

  • by Anonymous

    Very good. It works very fine, even with the last version of Windows 10. I have uploaded my gif images, with my size. It doesn't loose quality.

  • by Anonymous

    Total waste of time. Total waste of time. Don't even bother install it. Nothing works. It doesn't recognize new formats like png or even jpg!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Disappointing.... Well the installation process was fine, but after that, nothing worked, the program would open, but nothing happens, the "new" button doesn't work, the "help" button doesn't work, the "open" button brings up a tiny file dialog, that DOESN'T let you add pic's (so that's no help), anyway, save time don't download it...

  • by Anonymous

    I won't download with bad reviews!. Won't download with bad reviews! There is nothing else to say about an app I will not install. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Make it work

  • by Anonymous

    Ms gif animator. Downloaded because it was said to be a good program. Downloaded it and had trouble even opening it in the first place. Finally got it open and it doesn't even work. It says every file I try to open is corrupted. Just...don't download this thing. -.- Pros: None. Cons: All